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May 27, 2012 6:30pm EDT
. it was a debate where brown lambasting fenty with some very scurrilous comments. he would not respond. we did not know at the time that was being paid by the gray campaign. host: you sked candidate gray. guest: what is this all about? and he said, i wish i knew. maybe he did not know it, -- we know that there was something going on now that we did not know then, and that was a conspiracy to undermine the campaign of the mayor. host: your paper looking at 2014 and indicating there is a possibility that washington, mayor,uld have a whitre jack evans. there is another piece this morning in "the washington post" explaining or resign. will mayor gray survive the next two years? guest: that is a good question. i do not know whether he will not. there is a question about his own involvement. at this point, we know there was a person, aide, who according to the charging document in federal court, a personal aide who instructed aides to make the payments to brown. the prosecution has not identify who the person is. the speculation is that the person could be another t grayide aide of vincen gray or g
May 20, 2012 1:55am EDT
for may, the we have the amethyst browns and theus rose vermeil. either or. $64 to 98ยข to get home. they do have a beautiful french wire back. the tub or just a look. just done in an end to love tour the ring back. that coming up in a couple of seconds but the earrings first3 164-558 and what was the inspiration? >>guest: i did these in 10 k gold come in june 2000 and my very first, three years ago my mantra this area because i am obsessed with the earring. this of the time, it is than three and i saw where appeared to get people kept saying is that a rear gate? i say yes but i don't do it anymore. face it can't bring back? i decided to bring it back for you in two and microns of 14 kold over sterling silver second in the price down by giving a 19 ct faceted cushion-cut gemstone. garlic at the prasiolite, or the amethyst used of the amazing to sever right. one of the beautiful13 that you are looking at here. you do of the matching price in this is the earring that will let her face. is the right way, does have a long, french wire. look what it's going up so pretty. tralee magma o
May 19, 2012 7:00pm EDT
every day. they are brown >>guest: studs they look like a cushion. line for the brand new ring that we just featured. it is so beautiful and almost sold out. letters coat 25 rains that intertwined to gather in the most delicate and beautiful way. with different stone sizes and the fineness simulant. aragan to add your choice of sterling silver rhodium and sterling silver with genuine gold $129.95 and have this on 4 flex payments. if that was not enough of me show you the rest. we had to matching earrings. and the matching wrapped earrings this is a stunning necklace with the chain. if you can swing it go for matching bracelet this is unbelievable. you can see the dimension. it is actually a triple level. you have three levels of stonework. it is a stunning piece when you look at it from this review is a fabulous band ring. --view. small >>host: /mediumll fit 6.25-7. the bangles sell out and about one second. we also have 4 flex payments they are almost gone. this is >>guest: another piece i guarantee you will not find anywhere else i know what it took for me to make this.i did on
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3